Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Chanel, For Goodness Sakes!

I am one of those typical girly-girls, who has 212 pairs of shoes, 1100 tubes of lipstick, and multiple fragrances for whatever the occasion. And while I do wear all of the shoes and I try to use all of the lipstick, my fragrance collection is rather...well, dusty. I use one or two regularly. The rest.....meh.

I decided I should probably get rid of the ones I never wear, and pare down a bit. Gone are the half-used bottles of what was I thinking, you've got to be kidding, and the Bath and Body Works Collection that no longer exists in the store. And can someone explain to me why they only discontinue the scents I like? That drives me crazy!

Anyway, I decided to wear my "special-occasion" perfume this morning. Chanel No. 5. Love it! It was the perfume I wore at my wedding. It was the perfume my mom wore for her special occasions. It makes me feel grown-up and sophisticated. But when I mentioned what I was wearing to someone when she asked, she kind of made a face. And it made me think of an NCIS episode when a character asked if anyone wore Chanel No. 5 anymore. Do they? Am I old-fashioned for loving it? And here's the bigger I even care?

Regardless, I smell fabulous!


Simi said...

hehe i'm soooo not a girl for the most part! :)
But I <3 a good spray of perfume!
Glad your smelling yummy!!!
I wear an old school (bsed on the fact that i've worn it for 10 years now) perfume too... Romance by Ralph Lauren

Alice said...

I totally love Chanel ... makeup and perfume. Haven't worn either since leaving the work force, but I still love me my Chanel!!!

Yes, people do still wear No.5.

People would be me. :)