Monday, April 13, 2009

Golf, A Good Walk...Oh, Who Am I Kidding? I Rode In The Cart!

Good Monday morning, everybody! Of course, it's gray and dreary, so maybe not such a good morning, but it's the salutation that counts. What a jam-packed weekend!

I spent Saturday morning baking a coconut cake and setting up the house for the Easter celebration on Sunday. Then, I drove up to OakHaven Golf Course in Delaware to watch Dave's golf team battle the elements. It could have been worse, weather-wise, but it was still pretty crappy. The only redeeming factor was the sun shone all afternoon. But the wind! Dreadful and cold. I absolutely froze. I managed to stay just above hypothermia levels until the very end, when the sun started to droop down and the wind kicked up. That's when the shivering and teeth-chattering started. And, you all know, once that happens, you've passed the point of no return. I was so happy to get back into the car and turn the heat on.

But even with the weather, I still had a great time. I got to see Dave's team, and they are a great group of guys. All very funny, very nice. Golfers are a little different when it comes to college behavior. I also got to see a couple of our old friends. Dave and I know the coach from Mt. Union College. I miss him so much now that I am in Columbus, so it was a great surprise to see him there. We also got to see one of Dave's former golfers who lives down here. All in all, a good day. Of course, if the temperature had been about ten degrees warmer with no wind, that would have been perfect. But considering that this tournament had a snow delay last year, I'm not going to dwell.

Yesterday, most of the family converged on Gramma's for the annual Easter Dinner. This year we had 21 people ranging in age from 90-something to 1 month. Dave wasn't able to make it since he had the golf tournament and got home late Saturday. We had the requisite egg hunt, along with some fabulous food. Ham, cheesy potatoes, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, homemade rolls...the works! Yummy delicious. Thank goodness we don't eat like that every weekend!

This is the week of Dad's procedure, so I am a little preoccupied with that. I went to see him last night and got the rundown of his medications. Nothing makes you grow up faster then having to discuss living wills and powers of attorney with a parent. And while I don't expect we'll need to worry about anything, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Fingers crossed for a good week.


Unknown said...

Keeping everything crossed. I hope your dad does well. I'm with you...there's nothing like growing up and discussing that 'important' stuff with your parents.

Happy Easter.

Mine was spent on the couch...coughing and miserable!

Gertrude Groggins - said...

Hope EVERYTHING goes great for your dad! Keep your head up and I'll cross my fingers too!

FreedomFirst said...

Good luck with your Dad.