Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Thanks for all of your good thoughts yesterday. I am happy to report that my Dad did fine with his procedure and will be released from the hospital sometime today. I have rediscovered that I am not good at waiting...not at all. But I do have to give a big thumbs up to the people at Mt. Carmel East Heart Center. From the moment we stepped in the door until I left last night, the entire staff was incredibly caring and compassionate. And the waiting room was actually comfortable. Cushy chairs and recliners, TVs...a nice place to sit if you have to.

My mom had a good birthday. The big celebration with us will be Saturday evening, but she went out to dinner with her "friend" Don last night. I feel bad that her birthday got a bit overshadowed, but this way, she gets to spread the celebration out. That's not really all that bad.

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Simi said...

I've been behind on my blogging, but I'm glad your dad's procedure went well.