Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do You Know What Today Is...It's Our Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, the light of my days, the captain of my ship.

Three years ago today, I married the greatest of guys, and my life has been so full of joy and happiness ever since.

Happy Anniversary, David.

I love you very much!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweeping Out the Cobwebs

Well, hello there! I remember you!!

Do you remember me?!?

Seriously, after several weeks without an update, I wouldn't be surprised if you all had up and disappeared. Now you know why my houseplants always seem to die.

I had an office plant once that defied botany. It was a cyclamen that never stopped blooming for the entire length of the job. And then, the day I left, it died. Kind of weird. It was like it appreciated the neglect. I would remember it every once in a while, and then water it. It literally died in my car on the drive home that last day.

Oooh, look! Something shiny!!!

And so goes my attention span. So, in the course of the last few weeks, my oldest brother got married, I learned of the death of someone I went to college with, I baked a really fun castle cake for my cousin's daughter, I completed a fondant cake course, Dave and I traveled to upstate New York for the 4th of July weekend, and then we both came down with summer colds.

It's been a busy few weeks. And the summer cold thing? Totally sucked the most. We're still getting over them, thank you very much to Dave's brother Rick. I'll be remembering this when I shop for Christmas.

Dave and I have our 3rd anniversary coming up on Wednesday. And the plan was to celebrate this weekend. But since we are still a bit under the weather and can't taste anything, I'm not really sure we'll be spending money on a fabulous dinner if we can't tell how fabulous it actually is. Oh well...pj party on the couch works too.

The cake thing is taking off and I am working with someone to design a logo. Once I have some business cards and a list of offerings, I'll be good to go. I'm excited about, since it's the thing I love to do most. Fingers crossed.

I'm getting sleepy, so I'll post the 4th of July photos tomorrow. Lyndonville outdid itself once again!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thoughts From the Road

I think bumper stickers that proclaim a driver's love for a pet are absolutely ridiculous.

"I love my boxer."

Thanks for the heads up. If it's your pet, you should love them. This coming from an animal-free home.

I want to see a bumper sticker that's a little more genuine.

"I tolerate my Irish Setter."

"If it weren't for a good groomer, my golden retriever would be an outside dog."

"I hate cats, but I love my wife."

I would crack up if I saw that. Wouldn't you?