Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Much for That Graceful Aging Thing

Let me tell you what depresses me! This weekend, while hanging out with Dave and his golf team (college), Dave and I were telling stories. And I told the story of the time that Dave and I were in the car, driving to Columbus, and I started singing "Check baby, check baby, 1 2 3 4." Do you remember the song? Wreckx-N-Effect?? Anyone?!? Yes, I know! The song is called "Rumpshaker," and what the heck was I doing singing that song I will never know. But it popped in my head that day in the car. So I finish the whole countdown and Dave turns to me and says "If you have to check the damn thing ten times, the SOB* is broken." Which made me laugh so hard that I cried for the next few miles

*abbreviation used to prevent offending blog readers.

So I tell the story, and these guys look at me as if waiting for the punchline. They had NO IDEA what the song was. And then, as if in unison, two guys get their laptops out and start searching for it on Google. It was so sad, because I didn't think the song was THAT old. Except that, yes, it was from college, and yes, that was a few years (13) ago. And YES, these guys were like 6 or 7 years old. But still!

All those times I got carded recently? Down the drain, I tell you. Those guys just stared at me. Tell me again, Kim, about the time the dinosaurs rocked the greek mixer. Whatever. That song was played at every event! That and Salt-N-Pepa, which reminds me of one night at the TKE house, but that's a story for another day.

I'm off to search for lines on my face.


Liz said...

ha! I know that feeling! I'll just keep in my own little world, thinking that our college music just came out yesterday... :)

Simi said...


I guess that means I'm not that young anymore either hehe...

Allison said...

One of my favorite songs! It makes me want to dance :D

Unknown said...

I puffy hear that song!!! I was right there with you when that song came out. Simi and Liz are too young! HA