Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Lesson in Making Grocery Lists UPDATED

Last night's rundown:

Go to Giant Eagle to order birthday cake for Saturday, pick up cake for Thursday, get supplies for potluck at work. Get soaked in pouring rain walking from car to door and back again because umbrella is missing.

Drive home.

Realize I forgot ice cream for Thursday's cake. Stop at Kroger. Get soaked again walking from car to store and back.

Drive home.

Realize I forgot key ingredient for potluck recipe. Drive back to Kroger. Get soaked walking to door. Get heckled by Kroger greeter who comments that I was just there.

Stop, give fish-eye to greeter, thank him for pointing that out. Get ingredient, walk back to car in rain. Get in car, shut door, rain stops. Notice umbrella is under a bag in the backseat.

I am awesome, am I not?

UPDATED: And speaking of my awesomeness, how about the fact that the title should have read A Lesson in Grammar, since I had such an obvious error. It has been corrected, and thank you to that one person who pointed it out. For those of you that noticed and just laughed, I can appreciate that too!

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