Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just For This Moment

Last night, after work, as I was heading to the driving range to hit a few balls, I passed the funniest sign I've seen in a while.

Okay, I understand that a lot of you may need a moment to digest that last statement and stifle the laughter. Yes, it is true I have very little athletic ability. I'm happy if I can stay upright walking down the hall. So the thought of me swinging a blunt instrument to create a flying projectile that could end up God knows where might be a little overwhelming. Chuckle away, but I'm only giving you ten more seconds. Okay, STOP!

Okay, the sign! It was attached to a construction zone on Sunbury Road and said "No Electrocution Zone." I thought I read it wrong, so I did the Scooby-Doo "WHAT?!?" head-shake. But I read it correctly the first time.

So it begs the question, exactly where is the "Electrocution Zone?" Is it negotiated into the workers' contracts that certain areas be deemed as electrocution-free zones. What happens if you get electrocuted in a "No Electrocution Zone?" Are you ticketed? Some kind of citation.

But I do get the meaning. The point is that if you put the message up where people will read it, it makes them be more careful. A self-fulfilling prophecy. If you say it, over and over, it will happen. It's a good lesson. Learn to live in the moment. Conscious of what is happening.

And take it a step further. I've been inspired by some other bloggers recently who are finding the good things that happen every day. Seizing on moments of joy and laughter, love, even absurdity. The things that happen on your daily journey that make you stop, or provoke a response. So, I am going to remember the great moments throughout my day, and replay them at night when the day is through.

I had some great moments yesterday. A phone conversation with Dave that made us both laugh when I told him I didn't want to hit golf balls from the grass because I didn't want my brand-new super cute golf shoes to get dirty. A moment at work when I smiled after helping someone who just needed help, and I had the privilege of being that person. Reliving memories with an old and dear friend. Awesome onion straws at dinner. Asparagus that was cooked perfectly. Going to bed smiling, and waking up with the smile still there.

And now sharing these things with you.


Simi said...

sounds like a very happy day from all the smiles! :) Yay!!

I never could get into golfing; tried it a few times; suck too bad to even try to develop the skill.

Kim and Dave said...

Oh, Simi! I totally suck too. But it was nice to hide in the corner and get my aggressions out. I have a feeling I would get the same relief from taking out a wall with a sledgehammer. Construction may be my next foray.