Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm a Pet Owner...okay, not really

I adopted a virtual pet, because my schedule combined with allergies does not allow me to have a real pet besides fish. And who wants to deal with that? (No offense to "fish people")

So over there to the right, under that fabulous picture of my awesome husband on our honeymoon, you will find Pilar the Pig. She's kinda cute, and seems to be really enamored with her tail. If I do okay with her, I might find a friend for her. Maybe a turtle or a hedgehog. I love stuffed and cartoon pigs. I also like them roasted or fried, but don't tell Pilar. There is the cutest stuffed pink pig at Cracker Barrel. Someday, she will be mine.

When I was four, I was a flower girl in a wedding in Dayton. I lost my stuffed pig in the hotel. I just know that damn housekeeper gathered her up in the sheets and that was that. I was DEVASTATED. I cried all the way back to Columbus, then for two more nights. I wanted my pig!!!

And clearly I am still affected. And I still hate Dayton for it. Sorry, Daytonites, it's nothing personal...except if you were the housekeeper in question, and then it's entirely personal!

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Julie D said...

Awww, love me some Pilar!!! I want a virtual pet, I'd do so much better than the two real ones I have that pee on my carpet!