Saturday, October 25, 2008

Death by Golf Club

So my husband, whom I normally love and adore, wanted me to come in to work with him today. He told me he had to be here early, because he had lessons and clinics. So I got up at 6am on a rainy, cold, dismal Saturday so we could be in by 7:30am.

Do you know what time he actually had to be here? 10AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was ready to KILL him when I found that out. I was so tired, and it was so warm and cozy in my
bed and it was so dark outside. I could hear the rain and I did not want to move. But no, Mr. I Have To Be 2 Hours Early forced me up and out the door.

Obviously the only solution is death by golf club. Should I go with a driver or an iron?

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