Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Screw You, 2008!

I keep reading all of these blogs that have a 2008 review in them. It's all the rage. Not me, baby!

For me, 2008 sucked. I worked for an awful, crazy, delusional and paranoid boss in a job I hated, left that job to take another job that fell through the cracks, and spent the last 2 1/2 months of the year unemployed. 2008 was the year that Dave's blood pressure went through the roof and his ugly genetically-high cholesterol decided to stop by and stay a while. We had major issues in the fertility department and to top it all off, kidney stones was my birthday gift.

Thanks, 2008. You suck!!!

But 2009? 2009 is already looking better. I have a new job which will start soon, and we'll be relocating to Columbus. Yes, things are looking up.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Julie said...

You got the job??? Awesome! Congrats!!!! Yeaaaaaa for 2009 for you!

D said...

Yay! Happy New Year!
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jannypie said...

me too!! 2008 was hard on me, and just about everyone i know. i was happy to see its ass in the rear-view mirror.
best of luck to you in the new year!