Monday, December 8, 2008

My Little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I have to be honest...the past few years we haven't put up a Christmas tree. Sad, huh? It's just that we don't spend any time at home during the holidays. We spend 7-10 days traveling between our families. I don't wrap gifts until I get to the destination, so nothing gets put under the tree. And we have a small house. We don't really have the room for a full-size tree.

Enter the little pencil tree I rescued from my mom! I bought it 5 years ago for my office. Mom saw it when I moved, and she totally stole it. Okay, maybe "stole" is a harsh word. Maybe I meant to say "borrowed knowing full well she would never return it so I had to stage a rescue."

Anyway, it fits perfectly on a side table in the living room. The only sad thing is that the beautiful angel that I love so much cannot fit onto the top of the tree. So I have it sitting beside the tree instead.

Instead of the angel, I have a little Boyd's Bear Santa on top of the tree instead.

And you know what, I really love the little tree! It's perfect. It makes me happy. And at a time when a lot of things have made me sad this season, it's nice to come home to a warm feeling.


Julie D said...

I had a little tree like that for several years, and loved it!

erin said...

We have a little tree like him in the playroom. It is just perfect as yours is too!