Monday, August 3, 2009

Dragging You All With Me Down Memory Lane

I finally found the pictures of my Great-Gramma that I wanted to show you! I wrote about her in April. Here she is with me, when I was just a sweet little thing. Oh, how times have changed!
Here she is with all of her great-grandkids at the time. Those are my older brothers, Bryan and Brad. Brad is on the right and looks like he is ready to make a break for it. I'm trying to figure out why Bryan has a pink belt on his pants. I mean, yeah, it was the 70's, but still. And then she is holding my cousin Clint and me. I am 9 days older than Clint.

Doesn't she look so kind and gentle and great-grandmotherly. Looking at these pictures makes me miss her so much, even though she passed when I was very young. But I have such fond memories of her. She always wore brooches. And apparently liked to wear outfits that were fuchsia pink.

Oh, looky! Here I am with my mom at Christmas...boy, I sure do look happy. Filled with the Christmas spirit, am I! This look of mutiny can be found on my niece's face. Apparently Palmer does take a bit after our side of the family.

This is one of the few pictures ever taken of Clint and me as babies where he isn't running me over.

This picture cracks me up!! What a cheesy grin! I'm totally making this my Facebook profile pic. I remember this wallpaper in Gramma Alice's house in New Albany.
Hey, gloves still fit me like this!

And, sometimes my hair still looks like this. Nice to know some things never change.


Unknown said...

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

Elisa said...

I saw your last post where you are doing cake decorating. I am thinking about getting into that. I work in the school sytem(non certified) which basically means no money. I was looking for a way to do something I liked and make money at it. I am starting classes( hopefully) later this year. My son has football the same nights as classes, so we have to wait for football season to end. I am looking forward to your blog on that. I will keep checking back and good luck!