Monday, August 3, 2009

So, I Started This Little Project, and Now It's a Business!

OMG! I have totally lost my ever-loving mind.

Back in April, I started taking cake-decorating classes because I thought it would be fun. And, you know, a great way to meet other people. And, um, also, I was going to bed every night at 9pm which was driving my husband crazy. Apparently living with Gramma makes you inherit certain traits. Dinner at 5:30pm. Making my bed...every day! Assigned days for cleaning. So I thought I needed to get out for a bit.

Anyway, long story short...I started telling people about the classes, and how I was loving every minute of it. And that I also discovered I had a knack for the baking and the decorating and such.

Bing, bang, boom...I'm working with a fantastic Nestie friend, Jody, who is developing a logo for me. And it's so darn cute!!! I'm totally in love with Jody right now.

It's four months later, and Ladybird Cakes is taking off. I have booked two wedding cakes.

Which kind of makes me want to hyperventilate. Wedding cakes...tiered...designs. And yet, I'm oh-so-thrilled and cannot believe that I am starting to make money from something I absolutely love to do. So now I am thinking about a blog for the business.

And yes, that is why I have been an absentee blogger. I've been working a lot on this. So, coming soon, a website for the business. But, until then, think of me if you need a cake.


Unknown said...

This is so cool Kim. You know you may have future business from me. :-)

Gertrude Groggins - said...