Wednesday, January 7, 2009 this thing on?

Hello, my name is Kim and I just ate my husband's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that he was saving. The ones I got him as a thank you for standing in line at Kohl's two days after Christmas so I could keep shopping while he crept forward towards the registers. The one that he was so excited to get and wanted to save because it was the huge pack. The King Size one. Yeah, I ate part of it. Not all of it, mind you. But enough. And since he isn't here, he won't know until he gets back.

Unless he reads this blog. Hmmmmmmm.

Does he read this blog? I can't remember the last time he mentioned it.

Hey, chocolate and peanut butter are not to be trifled with in this household! And when you put them together? Well that's just heaven in bite-size form. Even my niece is in on the deliciousness. When I gave it to him, I told him to hide it. Palmer was coming over to open presents and I knew she would find it. David underestimated the allure of Reese's to a 2 1/2 year old. I, however, did not. He put it in the room we were staying in while at my Gramma's.

Anyone want to guess how long it took her to find it? Less than five minutes. And that's just walking in the door. Once she was in our room, it was under a minute. So really, he's lucky to still have it.

Yeah, I'm rationalizing at this point. I could go tomorrow and get another one for him. Put it back in the cupboard. He'd never know.


Julie D said...

Um, yes. Replacement is necessary. People have gotten divorced over these things.

Kim and Dave said...

I'm scared straight! No more stealing Reese's!! I swear.

jannypie said...

ohhhh yes, chocolate and peanut butter are the holy grail! have you tried Velvet's Buckeye Ice cream?? It's peanut butter ice cream with swirls of chocolate and peanut butter cups. It's AWESOME.

Kim and Dave said...

Janny, that sounds wonderful! We don't have Velvet up here, but I'm moving down on Sunday and that will be #1 on my grocery list.