Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wife of the Year

Why am I wife of the year? Well, I woke up at 5am. On a Sunday. So I could drive Dave to the college in order for him to pick up the team van so he could depart with his golf team for their annual spring break trip to North Carolina.

Road to Hiram, 5:30am...not in my bed. Sad.

Yeah, there was no carrot at the end of that stick for me. They drove south and I went home where I tried in vain to go back to bed. No luck. Instead, I got busy doing laundry and cleaning. To be honest, they probably aren't going to be getting great weather in Pinehurst either, so I'm not terribly jealous.

Well, since it's been such a long time from the last true update, let's recap the last several months.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!!

Happy New Year!!!

Smooches for Valentine's Day, also.

And here we are, searching the skies and lawns desperately for a sign of spring. It's hard to check for spring flowers under 18 inches of snow, but I'm intrepid like that.

Dave and I are still splitting the week, with me in Columbus Monday through Friday, then home on the weekend. We are hopeful about some kind of job for him anywhere in Central Ohio, but it's really getting hard. I have to be honest for a minute, though, and tell you how much fun we have together on weekends. It's like we've figured out how to do it, how to make it work and we focus on the 40-some hours we get instead of the 120-some hours we don't.

We'll get there, right? Same zip code would be nice, but at this point, I would take same area code!


Simi said...

YAY for being the WIFE OF THE YEAR! You DO rock! I am sorry this splitting life over two cities has gone on as long as it is; I'm so hopeful to hear GOOD news about your guys's location woes soon. I totally admire you guys for being able to do it; and for allowing it to only make you stronger.. you are AWESOME!

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