Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going Global

So, I finally update my blog for the first time in almost three months, and I get visitors from six of the seven continents in the past 24 hours. Quite frankly, Antarctica really doesn't count.

Can we talk for just a minute about how totally jealous I am right now of
Amalah? She and her family are currently sunning themselves on a fabulous beach in Jamaica, courtesy of a gracious owner of some gorgeous villas. I bear no ill-will to her at all...I would have totally taken them up on the offer. They paid their own airfare, but the accommodations were free. She gets to talk about it on her blog, and she has been totally upfront about all of it. But considering how freaking cold it is right now, and how much longer we'll be putting up with winter, I am craving sun, sand and warmth!

Not to mention the fact that Dave and I have never been able to take a honeymoon due to scheduling, then financial, then scheduling reasons. And the fact that I see him for less than 48 hours a week. And that place looks pretty romantic. I want a trip, too!

Yeah, yeah, don't we all.

Speaking of romance, today is the sixth anniversary of my first date with the golfer! Our date consisted of a women's college basketball game, dinner, then a men's college basketball game. Quite the date. I was smitten, needless to say.

For the past five anniversaries, we were able to go back to the same restaurant to celebrate. We aren't able to do that this time, but we are celebrating anyway.

Have a wonderful week!

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Unknown said...

Glad you came back to blogging!!!

Happy dating anniversary!