Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Dave and I have been together for almost 6 years. This season will be our fifth Christmas together. Five holidays of gift-giving. Five seasons of trying to find the perfect gift for parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and the occasional cousin. Five. This year is is the first time I have gone shopping with Dave. Usually I do it all myself. It wasn't terrible. For me, at least. I think it was terrible for Dave when I kept asking him questions about what women would love to get. But hey, if you're going to be tagging along, you have to play the part.

So yes, we have started the Christmas shopping. I was amazed to find out that most people start shopping after Thanksgiving. Amazed! That seems like so much work to cram in such a short period of time. I started in August. I have a lot of people on my Christmas list.

I have found as I've gotten older that Christmas has flipped for me. I used to be so excited to get presents. And, don't get me wrong, I still do! But now I find the true excitement lies in hunting for the perfect present, wrapping it in adorable paper, tying the ribbon, and then watching in anxious anticipation for it to be opened. And then hoping they love it, love it, LOVE IT...otherwise, I am ashamed to admit, my feelings are hurt. I know it's silly, but I want to find the perfect gift for everybody on my list.

Is anybody else like this?


crrv said...

I love to find the perfect gift too. This year I think I'm going to try and make gifts this year. (well, I did say TRY).

jannypie said...

your letters are so funny.

i fail at gift giving, so all the joy has been sucked out of it. turns out i'm not good at it. now i go straight for the food.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure that I actually LOVE doing this but I do really like giving gifts more than receiving them. I like watching others open them before I open mine as well. I guess I get a kick out of their reaction.