Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great American Pastime..or Losing 4 Hours to Really Bad Baseball

Dave and I attended an Indians game today. I got tickets through work, and even though I spent the afternoon with the very people I try to stay away from on my days off, we did have a good time.

Here is our view... you don't get the "nosebleed high" feeling from the photo, but we were pretty far up there. How far, you ask? Well, we could see the passengers in the jets circling the field before landing at Hopkins Airport easier than we could make out the ball players. So high that the ball would travel past the pitcher's mound before we heard the "crack" of the bat.

Jacobs Field was renamed this year to Progressive Field, but make no mistake, I will always call it Jacobs Field or The Jake. I'd love to say it's because I'm protesting the corporate takeover of our daily lives, but really, it's just because it's been The Jake for something like 14 years. I simply cannot remember the new name. And there's no quick, cute nickname to call it.

Quick question...have ballpark hotdogs ALWAYS tasted like a salt lick? bite and my ankles instantly swelled.

Anyway...we won the game, but it was an endurance trial to sit there through so many innings of bad ball. Some of these guys are getting paid millions of dollars to let a ball roll through their glove...I'm looking at you, Grady Sizemore. T-Ball was more appealing than today's game. Thank goodness I had the distraction of jets flying by my left ear.


Amy said...

That made me laugh out loud... :)

Amy (ADRomine)

Julie D said...

Aw, you have "Julie do you love me" on your music playlist.

Yes, I do! :)

Julie D said...

I *heart* your uterus.

(Let everyone who reads your comments figure that one out!!)

Natalie said...

Looks like you had fun.