Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Freaking Awesome Weather!!!

I love unseasonably warm days. And today was so fabulous! I spent the day with Dave at the golf course. I even pitched in and took the ball-picker out to clear the driving range. I love it when the guys on the range aim at me. Most of them can't hit the broad side of a barn, so just imagine them aiming for a MOVING target!

I know cold weather is coming, but I am just enjoying this for now. It reminds me of a Christmas Eve some years back...I think I was in junior high...and it was 70 degrees. We drove to my grandparents' house with the windows down. It reminds to just get out and enjoy the day because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I'm off to enjoy the sunset.


Julie D said...

Seriously, when are you moving down here? We are gonna spend lots of quality time together, lady. :)

Simi said...

I agree! I am loving this weather as well.. enjoy it till the weekend :(

tbonegrl said...

This weather is SO is spoiling me!

Kim and Dave said...

Julie...I'm trying! Just as soon as I get a job offer, I'm there!!!