Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Even Picks Up Hitchhikers These Days?

We gathered our provisions and took off for Lyndonville last Thursday for a fabulous 4th. But what should have taken 3.5 to 4 hours ended up taking 4.75. Of course we did stop for lunch at the greatest road trip restaurant ever...

I LOVE Cracker Barrel! And I do mean love!!! It's so fabulous. MMMM...Cracker Barrel! Wait, what was talking about? Right...road trip.

The reason it took so long was because the first part of the trip included rain of biblical proportions. No really...we got passed by an ark. Of course, it's not like I saw this. Like a good wife, I was sleeping in the passenger seat. But I did wake up in time for my favorite part of the trip to New York. If you've ever traveled the eastern section of I-90 between PA and Buffalo, I know you've seen this:Wait, what is that sign? Wildlife crossing? Tourist attraction? Nope!
That's says "Correctional Facility Area - Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers." No, we didn't stop to take the photo. Dave wouldn't let me. I took the photo while the car was traveling at 65 mph. Not bad for our little digital! But what I didn't realize until I enlarged it when I got home was the fact that there is a car clearly parked on the shoulder and people are walking towards it. They're too well dressed for prisoners, unless the State of New York has increased the budget for prison wear astronomically. I just bet they all got their picture in front of that sign. I'm so jealous.

But the whole point is this...who picks up hitchhikers anywhere, much less there? I mean really? This happens?!? It's a PRISON! Can you just imagine the conversation?

Passenger: "Hey look, here comes someone in an orange jumpsuit from down by the double layer of razor wire." Driver: "Who said orange was the new pink?" Passenger: "Poor thing...let's give him a ride."

And scene!

Not to forget about Dave, who gamely drove the entire way both there and back. Here he is in all of his driving glory:

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erin said...

Seriously? They have to post a sign? That is funny!