Friday, June 27, 2008

You say stalker, I say embarassing wife

Tuesday evening I swung by 2 Club to pick up Dave from work. (We've been carpooling for a few weeks in order to keep our Ford Explorer from driving us straight to the poor house.)

And for those of you who are tempted to lecture about environmental impact, terrorist ties to SUV's, or that I'm driving up the price of gas, please spare me. I get it. That's why it's parked right now. But please understand that I live in Northeast Ohio, where we regularly get snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice during the 9 months when it isn't 90 degrees and 600% humidity. Two words...lake effect! The Explorer got us where we needed to be in March after we got two feet of snow.

No, that isn't an exaggeration...we literally got two feet in one system.

But I digress. I was about to tell you about Tuesday night, and my ability to mortify my husband right in front of an NFL player. Who's wife of the year? That's's me!

Rob Sims, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks (NFL, for those of you furrowing your brow right now), stopped by the course to hit a few balls at the range. Dave wanted to go out and meet him, so he trotted out to introduce himself. The next thing I know, Dave was hovering very close to him and gesturing. My husband gave his first lesson to an NFL star. Please don't debate me on the star thing...he's a former Buckeye after all.

So, where was I...yes the stalking thing.

Being the good wife that I am, I thought I would sneak out and try to take some pictures. By the way, Dave is in the blue hat and the red shirt. The big guy to the left of Dave, that's Rob Sims. Big guy, huh?

Nice Chevy Trailblazer, by the way.

Anyway, I was worried that they were too far away for the pictures to be clear, so I snuck closer. Into the parking lot. Which was fairly empty. That last picture...that's right before my husband looked at me and wished a huge sinkhole would swallow me up. God help any children we might have.

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